API Authentication


CloudCenter APIs require the following authentication details for each API call:

  • Username
  • API access key

The CloudCenter authentication HTTP header (X-CLIQR-API-KEY-AUTH:true) is no longer required when making standalone REST API calls using the username/API Key credentials.

Authentication Format in CURL Requests

Standalone CURL Request Example:

curl -H "Accept:application/json" -H "Content-Type:application/json" -u writer:BED74F4D9BFE0DA0 -X GET https://<HOST>:<PORT>/v1/users/27

In this CURL request example:

Your tenant administrator can retrieve the username and API access key from the UI. See API Management Key for additional details.

CloudCenter Users Making API calls

For a CloudCenter user to make API calls, the tenant administrator must first Activate this User. Once activated, the (user)status for this user displays ENABLED in response to the View Users call:

    "id": "27",
    "resource": null,
    "perms": [],
    "username": "writer",
    "password": "== red-acted ==",
    "enabled": false,
    "type": "TENANT",
    "firstName": "CloudCenter",
    "lastName": "Docs",
    "companyName": "Company",
    "tenantId": "1",
    "emailAddr": "writer@company.com",
    "emailVerified": true,
    "phoneNumber": "",
    "externalId": "",
    "accessKeys": "https://<HOST>:<PORT>/v1/users/27/keys",
    "disableReason": "TrialCreditExhausted",
    "accountSource": "AdminCreated",
    "status": "ENABLED",
    "detail": null,
    "activationData": null,
    "created": 1434579231000,
    "lastUpdated": 1434579231000,
    "coAdmin": true

Successful Authentication

On successful authentication, CloudCenter sends a browser cookie to maintain the authentication session. The cookie forwards the information to the server for each API call so you do not need to authenticate each time you make an API call. If you do not want to maintain cookies in your browser, you can send the authentication information for each API request. Once authenticated, you can begin making API calls.

Session Timeout Length

The CCM UI's authentication session times out after 15 minutes. If you use a REST client to make API calls by authenticating through the CCM UI's, this session timeout applies to the REST client as well.

However, if you add and save the REST client authentication headers or if you issue CURL commands with the authentication details, you can circumvent the session timeout restriction.

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