Manage API Key

You need an API management key to use CloudCenter APIs. This key is also referred to as the API key or access key in the API attributes and responses. Users can generate/regenerate an API management key (or the tenant administrator can generate/regenerate the API management key for any user within their tenant) by using the CCM UI or the Create API Key API. CloudCenter validates the user name and password of API clients making HTTPS Request.

UI Process

To generate the management key from the UI, follow this procedure:

  1. Use your tenant administrator credentials to login the CCM UI.

  2. Click the Admin > Users link in the left pane and access the Users page.

  3. Search for the required user and select Manage API Key from the Actions dropdown list to access the Manage API Key page for this user.

  4. Click the Generate new key button to generate a new API access key for this user.

    This user can now make REST API calls using this username and key.

API Process

To generate the management key using API, follow this procedure:

  1. Issue the View Users API to retrieve the URL issued by the CloudCenter platform.

  2. Retrieve the URL to retrieve the accessKeys for this user.

  3. Use the accessKeys URL (see Step 1 above) to retrieve the API access key. The following image depicts a REST Client call to retrieve the API access key..

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