• Description: Identifies the allocation strategy used to configure the NIC for a VMware or OpenStack cloud.
    • If the application profile has NIC Size 1 and there is a preferred (or) default network defined, the nic attribute does not need to be specified in the job submission.
    • Default = DHCP. The default does not allow parameter substitution in the configuration file.
  • Type: Enumeration

    DHCP (default)This strategy allows the IP to be allocated by the DHCP server to the instance on server boot up. This IP address is not known prior to server boot up.
    Pre-allocate IP

    This strategy allows the cloud infrastructure IP allocation to be dynamically provided before the server boots up. This strategy is specific to the following OpenStack applications:

    • CISCO CSR1000: Configuration drive file IP populated with the pre-allocated IPs known before server boot up.
    • CISCO F5 Load Balancer: Multiple NIC support.
    Static IP (only CloudCenter 3.x)
    This strategy allows the customer to provide the IP address. As this IP address may or may not be available to the server (based on the availability), you must perform adequate checks to ensure IP availability before using this strategy.


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