• Description: CloudCenter resources that are available for this execution.
  • Type: Sequence of resource details

    • Description: Unique identifier for a CloudCenter Resource managed by ACLs. This ID is generated automatically by the CloudCenter platform when the resource is created.  
    • Type: String

    • Description: The name of the resource. 

    • Type: String

    status (nodeStatus)
    • Description: The node status for this resource. 

    • Type: Enumeration. See the Deployment and VM States > VM (Node) States section for the relevant release for additional details.

    • Type: String
    • Description: Lists logs for the identified VM.
    • Type: Sequence of log details

      • Description: Identifies the resulting progress message for the workflow activity execution.

      • Type: String

      • Description: The action status for this resource.

      • Type: Enumeration

        SUBMITTEDThe CloudCenter platform has received the task request and started to process it but the action is not yet completed.
        SCHEDULEDThe task is configured to start at some point in the future.
        STARTEDThe task has started successfully.
        IN_PROGRESSThe task is in the process of being executed.
        PENDINGThe task is still awaiting completion due to the completion of another task.
        CANCELEDThe task was terminated after it was started.
        APPROVEDThe task was approved by the authorized approver(s).
        REJECTEDThe task was rejected by the authorized approver(s).
        COMPLETEDThe task was completed successfully.
        ERRORThe task was aborted due to an error.
        TIMEOUTThe task did not complete within the allocated time.

      • Description: The CloudCenter API date and time values are formatted in Unix time to the millisecond level.
      • Type: String
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