• Description: Provides additional information for each Network Interface Cards (NICs) configured in CloudCenter.

  • Type: An array of NIC configuration details

    • Description: The network identifier for each required tier.
    • Type: String

    • Description: The number at which a resource is to be attached. When updating a phase, use this order to re-order the resource to a different position in the array of resources.
    • Type: Long

    • Description: The type of network for this NIC. A corresponding list of domains are attached to each option.
    • Type: Enumeration

      NETWORKA private network that supports IP ranges which overlap with another private network
      BRIDGE_DOMAINA set of logical ports that share the same flooding or broadcast characteristics. Used for ACI environments.

    • Description: Supports association of the public IP to any private IP and hence to any NIC specified by the user. The public IP nuances differ based on clouds. See IP Allocation Mode for additional context.
      • true = Enabled. Uses the public IP association
      • false = Disabled. Does not use the public IP association
    • Type: Boolean




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