• Description: Identifies the preferences set for all uses within a tenant
  • Type: Array of name-value pairs

    • Description: Tenant administrators can specify password rules. If specified, these rules are enforced for all users within the specified tenant. Effective Cloud Center 4.6.1, the CloudCenter platform enforces a minimum password length of 5 characters for all settings. See Add Sub-Tenants > User Password Rules for additional context
    • Type: Enumeration


      Specify the minimum length for password
      Default = 5

       PASSWORD_REQUIRE_UPPERCASERequire at least one uppercase character in every password
      Default = false
      PASSWORD_REQUIRE_LOWERCASERequire at least one lowercase character in every password
      Default = false
      PASSWORD_REQUIRE_DIGIT Require at least one digit in every password
      Default = false
      PASSWORD_REQUIRE_SPECIAL_CHARACTER Require at least one special character in every password
      Default = false
       PASSWORD_DISABLE_SELF_RESET Disable the users ability to reset their own passwords
      Default = false
      PASSWORD_EXPIRATION_DAYSSpecify that the password expires in X number of days

      Default = null


    • Description: Indicates the set value for this property
    • Type: Float
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