• Description: The list of tenant (vendor) properties that was previously (prior to CloudCenter 4.8.2) listed in the vendor.properties file. These properties are retained for continuity. Some tenant properties that may require an override are explained in this list.

  • Type: String (not configurable)

    Tenant Property Name (propertyName)Tenant Property ID (propertyId)Default (defaultValue)NotesUse Case
    enable.password.auth132FalseTo configure password-based authenticationSee Password-Based Authentication > Override the Default Configuration
    enable.appstore.publishToPublic55FalseTo enable a tenant to publish to the Public MarketplaceSee Enterprise Marketplace > Enable Tenant to Publish to  Public Marketplace
    disable.walkme.help320 (Enabled)To disable WalkMeSee WalkMe Integration > Disabling WalkMe
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