Add Git Repository

Use the Add/Edit Git Repository page to create or modify Git repository properties such as automation pack repositories, and so forth. An example of properties include values such as repository URL, repository user, branch and code path.

The users with Tenant Admin role only would be able add a new repository. For more information on Roles and Permissions, see Action Orchestrator Roles.

The example repository mentioned in this procedure is Cisco public repository, it is a read only repo. You will not have permission to commit your workflows to Cisco repository.

  1. To create a new Git repository, choose Admin > Integrations Git Repositories.

  2. Under General, specify the appropriate information:

    1. Display Name: Enter the unique name for the Git repository.

    2. Description: Enter the brief description about the repository.

  3. Under Account Keys, specify the appropriate information:

    1. No Account Keys: Select True or False from the dropdown list.

      For Example:

      If you are using a read only Cisco public repository, you do not require any credentials while adding a new repository. choose No Account Keys as True.

    2. Default Account Keys: Select the appropriate account key from the dropdown list or click ADD NEW from the dropdown list, see Git Password-Based Credentials.

  4. Under Git, enter the following information:

    1. Protocol: Select the appropriate protocol from the dropdown list:

      1. HTTP

      2. HTTPS

    2. Rest API Repository: Enter the Rest API Git URL of the repository.

      For Example:

      The Rest API Git URL for the Cisco public repository is

    3. Branch: Enter default branch name master. As you initially make commits, you are given a master branch that points to the last commit you made.

    4. Code Path: Enter the code path. The code path is folder structure required to locate the workflow in the specific folder or sub-folder in the Git repository.

      For Example, the following are the two different code paths of Cisco Public Repository:

      The Code path for atomic actions in the Cisco public repository is /atomic-actions.

      The Code path for workflow examples in the Cisco public repository is /workflow-examples.

      You can only add one code path while adding Git repository. If you want to configure with two or more code paths, perform the same procedure separately for each code path.

  5. Click Submit, to create/edit and save the Git repository.

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