Configuring Schedules

Schedules allow triggering processes at some time by leveraging another object called a calendar. Calendars define which days something can occur. Calendars can be selected days or sequences of dates such as weekly or monthly, they can represent dates like fiscal quarter end, or they can be combined hierarchically. Schedules then associate a time with a calendar. When the day is in the calendar, the time is evaluated. Times can be explicit or repeating (for example, hourly).

The Schedules page displays the Display Name (along with the type), Owner, and Last Modified details. You can see the schedules Used by  details, delete the added schedule by performing the Delete action, and Change Owner using the dropdown from the Actions column. To add a new schedule, click on New Schedule.

Perform the following procedure to add schedule:

  1. Under Select Type, select Generic Schedule from the dropdown list.

  2. Under General, enter the name and description for calendar. And enter the following information:

    1. Under Calendar, select an existing calendar or choose the appropriate options from the dropdown list such as Every Saturday, Weekdays, Workdays, etc. For more information to create new calendar, see Configuring Calendars.

    2. Under Timezone, select the appropriate information from the dropdown list.

  3. Under Schedule, specify the following information:

    1. Under Start Time, specify the start time either by entering manually or by adjusting the time by using the up and down arrow buttons or by using mouse scroll option.

    2. Under Number of Runs Per Day, specify the number of times the activity or task has to run per day.

    3. Under Time Interval (Run Every)specify the time interval in hours and Minutes. The activity run every hours and minutes mentioned in the time interval.

  4. Click SUBMIT, to save the changes.

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