Creating Variable Type

Variable type provide a way to define a new user defined variable type that is not represented by any default variable type.

Under the New Variable Type panel, select the type from the dropdown list (default is Table Type) and specify the appropriate information:

  1. Under General, specify the appropriate information:

    1. Display Name: Enter the unique display name.

    2. Description: Enter the brief description about the data type.

  2. Under Columns, specify the following information:

    1. Required: Choose Yes using the toggle button to make the column a required column (Default is No).

    2. Field Name: Enter the field name.

    3. Field Title: Enter the field title to be displayed in the columns.

    4. Field Type: Select the appropriate type from the dropdown list such as Boolean, Date Time, Decimal, Integer, and String. 

      Specify the maximum length of the string, when you choose string as the field type.

      Specify the minimum and maximum number, when you choose number as the field type.

  3. Click Save, to save the new type.

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