Email Event

Use the Email Event trigger to specify the basic criteria for the mail server to be monitored and the email conditions that will trigger the workflow.

To create a new Email event perform the following procedure:

  1. Under Select Type, select Email Event from the dropdown list.

  2. Under General, specify the following information:

    1. Display Name: Enter the unique display name for the Email event.

    2. Description: Enter the brief description about the Email  event.

    3. Target: Select the target from the dropdown list. To add a new target, click +ADD NEW from the dropdown list. For more information, see IMAP Endpoint or POP3 Endpoint.

  3. Under Criteria, specify the following information:

    1. Folder: Enter the name of the folder where the message is to be moved. If the folder is a subfolder, then enter the file path for the folder location (for example, project/issues/connections).

    2. Conditions: Click +ADD to specify the condition, enter the following information:

      1. Left Operand: Enter the value for the left operand.

      2. Operator: From the dropdown list, choose the operator to use for comparing the value:

        1. Does not match wildcard: Determines if the item does not match all items in the wildcard example

        2. Equal: Determines if the left side equals the right side (if this is a string comparison, this is case-insensitive)

        3. Match regular expression: Determines if the left side matches the regular expression specified on the right side.

        4. Matches wildcard: Determines if the left side matches the wildcard specified on the right side.

        5. Not equals: Determines if the left side does not equal the right side

      3. Right Operand: Enter the value for the right operand.

  4. Under What to do with the message, select the option to specify the action to be taken after the criteria has been met on the Exchange server.

    1. Mark message read: The message will be marked as read. This option is not available for POP3 email systems.

    2. Move message to folder: The message will be moved to a designated folder.

    3. Delete message: The email will be deleted. This is the only option available for a POP3 type of email connection.

  5. Click Submit, to save the changes.

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