Export Workflows

Use export workflows to export the workflow to your repository. Perform the following procedure on the workflow properties pane to export a workflow:

For more information on Workflow properties pane, see Adding Workflow Properties.

Under Version, enter the following information:

  1. Under Git Repository, select the appropriate repository from the dropdown list or Click +ADD NEW from the dropdown list to create a repository. For more information, see Git Repositories.

  2. Click Validate on the header to validate the workflow.

    You would be able to continue the export if the workflow is valid. If not please fix the problem and try after re-validation.

  3. Click Commit on the header to export the workflow to your repository.

  4. On the Commit panel, enter the File Name and Commit Message.

    The file name is used as folder name along with the unique workflow name in the git repo. The file name also helps you to easily identify the workflow during import.

  5. Click Commit, to export the workflow.

If you have already exported a workflow and if you would like to override the existing version with an older version. Under Git Version, click Load New Version, in the Load New version dialog box select the version from the dropdown list and click Import.

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