HTTP Endpoint

On the ADD NEW TARGET Panel, perform the following procedure to add HTTP Endpoint target:

  1. Under Target Type: Select the HTTP Endpoint target type from the dropdown list.

  2. Under General, specify the appropriate information:

    1. Display Name: Enter the unique display name for the target.

    2. Description: Enter the brief description about the target.

  3. Under Account Key, specify the appropriate information:

    1. Select True or False from the No Account Key dropdown list.

    2. select the appropriate Account Key or click ADD NEW from the Default Account Key dropdown list, see HTTP Basic Authentication or HTTP Client Certificate Authentication.

  4. Under HTTP, enter the following information:

    1. Protocol: Select the appropriate protocol from the dropdown list.

      1. HTTP

      2. HTTPS

    2. Host/IPAddress: Enter the host name or IP address for the HTTP Endpoint.

    3. Port: Enter the HTTP port number; the default port is 9092.

    4. Path: Enter the HTTP path.

    5. Disable server certificate validation: Indicates if server certification validation is disabled on the HTTP Endpoint.

  5. Under Proxy, enter the following information:

    1. Proxy URL: Enter the URL of the proxy server.

    2. User Name: Enter the user name of the proxy server.

    3. Password: Enter the password of the proxy server.

  6. Click Submit, to add and save the Target.

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