IMAP Endpoint

The IMAP email server allows an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, to retrieve email on a remote mail server.

On the ADD NEW TARGET Panel, perform the following procedure to add IMAP Endpoint target:

  1. Under Target Type: Select the IMAP Endpoint target type from the dropdown list.

  2. Under General, specify the appropriate information:

    1. Display Name: Enter the unique display name for the target.

    2. Description: Enter the brief description about the target.

  3. Under Account Key, select the appropriate existing Account Key or click ADD NEW from the dropdown list, see Email Credentials.

  4. Under IMAP, enter the following information:

    1. IMAP Server: Name of the email server that relays email to the mailbox.

    2. IMAP Port: The port number for the IMAP server. Default is 143.

    3. Protocol: Display-only field of the type of email protocol being used by the email server

    4. TLS Authentication Enabled: If checked, the authorization of the Email server will use TLS.

    5. Ignore Certificate Errors: If checked, any errors regarding the certificate will be ignored.

    6. Polling Interval (SEC): Specify the interval time period in seconds. Default is 10 seconds.

  5. Click Submit, to add and save the Target.

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