The Runs page is used to monitor the state of workflow runs that are cancelled, created, failed, running, successful, and total. You will also be able to filter the runs on the basis of workflow run days such as all, yesterday, 30 days, 10 Days, and so forth.

  • The Filter icon allows you to filter the workflow runs based on the following

    • Workflow Name: Choose the workflow name from the drop-list by checking the appropriate workflow check box.

    • Last Run Status: Choose the status in the runs page by checking the check box under Last Run Status such as Cancelled, Created, Failed, and so forth.

    • Owner: Choose the owner name by checking the appropriate owner check box.

  • The Search icon allows you search for the workflow runs based on the names.

  • The Auto-Refresh switch icon allows you to switch ON or OFF. This enables or disables auto refresh of the workflow during the execution of each activity of the workflow.

  • The page displays the following information of the existing or filtered workflows:

    • Display Name: Displays the workflow name along with the number of times the workflow is executed such as Run 0, Run 1, and so on. The color codes along with the workflow name denotes the status:

      • Green: Denotes Success.

      • Red: Denotes Failed.

      • Orange: Denotes Running.

    • Version: Displays the Action Orchestrator version number.

    • Status: Displays the status of the workflow such as running, success, failed, and so forth.

    • Started On: Displays the start date and time of the workflow execution.

    • Ended On: Displays the end date and time of the workflow execution.

    • Actions: By using the dropdown icon in actions column, you can delete the workflow being displayed in the Runs page.

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