Share Workflow

Use the Share option from the workflow dropdown to share object permission to other users or groups.

To share a workflow, you must be an owner of the workflow or user with Manage permissions such as system admin. You won't see this option if you are not having the required permissions. For more information on roles and permissions, see Action Orchestrator Roles.

  1. In the default home page, choose Share from the workflow dropdown.

    Hover your mouse cursor over the created workflow card and click the dropdown list to view the Share option.

  2. In the Share Permissions dialog box, specify the following information:

    1. The share permissions dialog box displays the Users and Groups having access to the workflow.

    2. Under Add Users, select the users from the dropdown list or just type in few letters of the name to choose the required user. You can also invite the user using Invite By Email option.

      1. Shared With: Displays the name of the user with share permissions.

      2. Access: Select the appropriate permission from the dropdown list such as View, Modify, and Manage.

      3. Can Run: Enable or disable the Run permission using the switch icon.

      4. Actions: You can delete the user from the actions column.

    3. Click Save, to save the share permissions.

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