The Terminal adapter provides the functionality to execute commands, scripts and session-based activities against a system or network device using SSH or Telnet. While SSH is more secure than telnet, many environments use a telnet connection and using a SSH connection against such devices will not be possible. The Terminal adapter allows you the flexibility to execute against those devices.
The Terminal adapter allows Action Orchestrator to run commands and script activities on a system or network device that has Secure Shell (SSH) enabled. The Terminal adapter also contains three session-based activities that allow you to open new SSH/Telnet sessions and interact with the previously opened sessions.
SSH and Telnet leverage the same command execution activities differentiated by the target type they are deployed against. For example, an IOS target can have SSH or telnet optionally configured.
Action Orchestrator requires SFTP to be configured on the Unix/Linux system to execute SSH activities. SFTP is not needed for the SSH/Telnet Terminal Session activities.
The Terminal Adapter for Action Orchestrator:
Provides host-based and public key authentication and improves upon the existing expects functionality. The authentication enhancement allows users to apply host-based authentication from the adapter level. Users can also apply public key authentication on the device target level.

  1. Allows you to create expect templates for their login expects. Expect templates allow you to leverage existing login expect sequences when applying expects to a device target or activity.

  2. Is now FIPS-compliant and allows you to enable FIPS-compliant algorithms.

The following sections display Terminal activities:

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