Variable Reference

The Variable Reference icon displayed next to a text field indicates that the field can be populated by referencing a defined variable or the property of another activity or workflow or Environments. Use the Browse Variables dialog box to select a defined variable or reference an object to populate a field. The SAVE button does not activate until a valid property or variable is selected. The different types of data that you can refer:

  • ENV: You can choose environment settings as variables such as ACTION ORCHESTRATOR_LOOP_LIMIT.

  • Global: You can choose global variables that you have created such as Date Time, Table, Boolean, and so forth.

  • Workflow: You can choose output of the workflow as variables such as Instance ID, Start Time, and so forth.

  • Activities: You can choose the activity properties as variables such as End time, Start time, Succeeded, and so forth.

  • Trigger: You can choose the trigger properties as variables.

Depending on the object type, some of these variables might not be available.

Reference VariableDescription


Display name of the object


Column of the table variable


Items in the variable


The first name and age in the variable


The name and age in the variable

Start Time

Date and time the activity was started

End Time

Date and time the activity stopped


Results of the activity

Instance ID

ID number of the Action Orchestrator workflow instance


Body of the activity


Indicates the activity has succeeded

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