Schema Generation Utility


This repo can be used to generate schemas for template adapter. The utility is written in Golang and you can simply run it like: go run schema.go template.go

The utility will generate five sample schemas. The schemas are adapter, runtime_user, target, and two action schemas.

  1. If you want to generate your own schemas with different parameters you need to modify schema.go file.

  2. Schema.go file has five object with sample data. The objects are AdapterRequest, CredentialsRequest, TargetRequest, ActionRequest1, and ActionRequest2.

  3. The object use constants as input parameters for the schema, you can modify either constants or objects values directly. For more information see, Action Orchestrator Schemas.


constants folder:

  1. actions_constants: Used mostly to generate actions schemas
  2. adapter_constants: Used to generate adapter schema
  3. credentials_constants: Used to generate runtime user schema
  4. target_constants: Used to generate target schema
  5. basic_constants: Used in actions

schemas folder:

Placeholder for generated schema files


schema.go - main file template.go - go template used to parse data from schema.go and return data in json format.

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