Cisco CloudCenter Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: January 6, 2021


  • January 21, 2021: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were updated.


CloudCenter is only available as an upgrade for existing customers from CloudCenter, CloudCenter, CloudCenter,  CloudCenter, CloudCenter, CloudCenter, CloudCenter, CloudCenter, or CloudCenter Contact the CloudCenter Support team for additional details.

Upgrade Path

You must be at a minimum version of CloudCenter to upgrade to CloudCenter

Effective CloudCenter and later, the CloudCenter upgrade process downloads packages from a CentOS base and the extras repository via the internet. If you do not have internet connectivity, you must setup a local CentOS mirror and configure the CloudCenter components (CCM, CCO etc) to use the local mirror.

If you are upgrading directly to CloudCenter from CloudCenter or earlier release, be sure to review the CloudCenter documentation.

See the Upgrade Overview page and the following table for additional details. 

Upgrading CentOS CloudCenter Components to CloudCenter


Appliance Jar Files?Notes


Component? or earlierYesYes (for CCO only)YesYes (for CCO only)YesYesYou should have already run os_upgrade when you upgraded to – if you have not, you can run this upgrade now! or laterNoNoNoYesApplicable to CloudCenter or later
Upgrading Non-CentOS CloudCenter Components (RHEL) to CloudCenter or earlierNoYesYesYes

1 The os_upgrade command is not required when upgrading the REPO or Bundle store.


The following documentation change was implemented in CloudCenter

  • Upgrade Overview (added a step and sample files to the Core Upgrade to CloudCenter and Later in Offline Mode section)

  • VM Management (updated the Upgrade Agent section for technical accuracy)

Resolved Issues

The following issue was resolved/addressed in CloudCenter

  • CSCvw86369If you have been using CloudCenter 4.10.0.x components (CCO, CCM, Rabbit, Postgres, and so forth) in an environment that does not have internet access and you have correctly configured a local CloudCenter repo and a local CentOS 7 Mirror/Repo, then the core_upgrade.bin file will fails to execute.  
    Resolution: CloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the core_ugprade.bin file uses the local CentOS mirror instead of trying to reach public mirrors.

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