Cisco CloudCenter Release Notes

Release Date

Release Date: December 12, 2018


  • January 03, 2019: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were updated.

  • January 21, 2019: To include the v2 Application Management API calls as listed in the API section below..


CloudCenter is available as installer files for ALL components for all supported clouds. Contact the CloudCenter Support team for additional details.

Upgrade Instructions

You can only upgrade to CloudCenter from CloudCenter 4.7 and later releases. 

  • To upgrade to CloudCenter, see Upgrade Overview.

  • If you are upgrading your environment to use tagless governance, you must use the latest CloudCenter ccm-response.xml file to upgrade to CloudCenter See Migrate to Tagless Governance for additional context.

  • When you upgrade the CCM, you will see an additional warning if the ccm-response.xml file is not edited as mentioned in the migration procedure, you can dismiss the warning if this change does not affect your environment.

Upgrade Path

The recommended upgrade path if you are using CloudCenter is to upgrade to CloudCenter 4.10.0 or later releases.


No updates


No updates

Applications and Services

No updates

CloudCenter Management

No updates

Administration and Governance

No updates


No updates

End of Life Notices

See End of Support Notices for additional details.


No updates


No updates


The v2 APIs were introduced in this release as part of the Application Management API calls:


No updates. 


This section lists the documentation changes implemented in CloudCenter

Known Issues

If cloud details are missing in your deployment environment after upgrading to CloudCenter 4.10.X (4.10.0/, contact the CloudCenter Support team.  

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved/addressed in CloudCenter

  • CSCvn36602: When messages are sent using agentSendLogMessage from the script during application deployment, the log messages sent after a reboot do not show up in the UI (task Logs). Before the first reboot, the logs do show up in the UI (under Deployed VM > Logs).  
    Resolution: CloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that service log messages are populated in task Logs even after multiple reboots.

  • CSCvn49652: When deploying external services, the deployment Tasks tab only displays 5 lines of messages at a time.  
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that 5 messages are displayed after an External Service application is deployed. By clicking the Show All button, the remaining messages are also displayed. In earlier releases, the Show All  button was not available and you could only display 5 messages at a time. This is a change! 

  • CSCvn49991When the CloudCenter platform deploys a VM in Azure and if another VM with the same name exists, then the existing VM is deleted and the deployment fails.  
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to check if a VM with the same name exists in the resource group, before launching the VM.

  • CSCvn51731: After a Windows deployment using dynamic bootstrapping, agent installation files in the c:\temp folder are not cleaned up.  
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that these files are cleaned up.

  • CSCvn54384After a user upgraded from CloudCenter 4.9.1 to CloudCenter 4.10.0, the web service global parameter did not work with proxy authentication which was set using the CCM configuration wizard.  
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that web service calls are routed through the proxy.

  • CSCvn54561: When using CloudCenter, an attempt to change the groups in share permission dialog resulted in a Failed to update permissions banner error
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the share permission dialog functions as designed.

  • CSCvn56136: When users attempt to view a deployment, the UI freezes. This requires closing the browser and opening the CCM again in a new browser window. 
    CloudCenter includes a fix to use an updated version of Particle which includes the latest version of applicable third-party libraries.

  • CSCvn58205: When using Google cloud to set up the CCO, users had to manually copy the private key (used for authentication in p12 key file) to the CCO.    
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the p12 key file can be uploaded to the cloud account.

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