Cisco CloudCenter Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: January 18, 2019


  • July 23, 2019: Added the Documentation section to include updated pages.

  • February 25, 2019: Clarified the process when configuring CCM on a FIPS System.

  • March 8, 2019: Clarified the running VM requirement when importing VMs as part of VM Management.

  • June 14, 2019: Updated the Documentation section.

  • July 22, 2019: Added support for Cisco APIC, Release 4.0 as part of the ACI Extensions support.

  • October: 25, 2019: Added content to the Deprecated section based on OpenStack support


CloudCenter is available as installer files for ALL components for all supported clouds. Contact the CloudCenter Support team for additional details.

Upgrade Instructions

You can only upgrade to CloudCenter from CloudCenter 4.7 and later releases. 

  • To upgrade to CloudCenter, see Upgrade Overview.

  • If you are upgrading your environment to use tagless governance, you must use the latest CloudCenter ccm-response.xml file to upgrade to CloudCenter See Migrate to Tagless Governance for additional context.

  • When you upgrade the CCM, you will see an additional warning if the ccm-response.xml file is not edited as mentioned in the migration procedure, you can dismiss the warning if this change does not affect your environment.

Upgrade Path

The recommended upgrade path to use CloudCenter is to first upgrade to CloudCenter 4.10.0.


No updates


No updates

Applications and Services

No updates

CloudCenter Management

No updates

Administration and Governance

No updates


No updates

End of Life Notices

See End of Support Notices for additional details.


Due the the end-of-life dates from OpenStack and the subsequent lack of support by Workload Manager, OpenStack Icehouse, OpenStack Juno, OpenStack Kilo, OpenStack Liberty are removed from the list of supported Datacenters and Private Clouds.


No updates


No updates


No updates. 


The following documentation change was implemented in CloudCenter

Known Issues

No updates.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved/addressed in CloudCenter

  • CSCvn66297: If your CloudCenter 4.10.0 environment does not use Azure RM or Azure Stack cloud accounts, and you later add them to the CCM and subsequently upgraded to a later version of CloudCenter (for example, or later), then the client key, certificate password, certificate content will be re-encrypted by the CloudCenter platform. 

    • Prior to CloudCenter 4.10.0, the client key, certificate password, certificate content were stored as decrypted fields in the database. 

    • Effective CloudCenter 4.10.0 they are stored as encrypted fields.  

    • If your environment uses CloudCenter 4.10 or earlier versions and you have already configured Azure RM or Azure Stack cloud accounts, then they work as designed even after the upgrade. 

    • If you added any Azure RM or Azure Stack cloud account after upgrading to CloudCenter 4.10.0, the suggested workaround is to delete these cloud accounts –  and either restart the CCM or upgrade to CloudCenter

  • CSCvn54384After a user upgraded from CloudCenter 4.9.1 to CloudCenter 4.10.0, the web service global parameter did not work with proxy authentication which was set using the CCM configuration wizard. 
    Resolution: CloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that web service calls are routed through the proxy. CloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the CCM-CCO communication functions as designed.

  • CSCvn74882: In CloudCenter 4.10, when executing external services, if the external service calls the print_log function from, the log messages are not displayed in the UI until the external service finishes running. 
    Resolution: CloudCenter includes a fix to populate task details even for external service deployments.

  • CSCvn95685: When you deploy a Kubernetes application and select an environment that has more than one Kubernetes cloud with a storage class type that is the default for this Kubernetes environment; and later change the cloud type, the instance type changes but the storage type still displays the same choices from the older cloud instead of the newly changed cloud.
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the cloud type updates to display the changed cloud settings.

  • CSCvn95703When you click Configure Cloud, the region page is not rendered and the spinner continues spinning. However, when you click the region name/logo the region page opens.
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the region page displays as designed.

  • CSCvn95716: In some scenarios, when trying to deploy hybrid applications on the second page of the deploy form, the instance types do not load for tiers.
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the instance type loads as designed.

  • CSCvn56461: When you use the action library with the custom field type as Password under Action definition the password is not decrypted in the scripts on Windows and Linux VMs. 
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the password is decrypted as designed.

  • CSCvn95742: When deploying an application with lifecycle actions on demand and the action had password parameters which were passed as command line argument to a script in the action definition, then the password parameter is being printed to the agent.log in plain text. 
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that the password is redacted in the log file.

  • CSCvn83136: Deploying a Windows Data Science VM fails. 
    ResolutionCloudCenter includes a fix to ensure that this feature works as designed.

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