Admin Users

Admin Flow 

  1.  When the system administrator installed CloudCenter, he/she assigned the root administrator account and provided an email address for the root administrator.

    Create a tenant using a generic alias and add the required people to this alias. This allows multiple people to be subscribed to emails for this tenant. Besides, if one admin leaves the tenant, you can update the alias by adding the new tenant admin to the alias

  2. As the root platform admin, you can Create Standard Users and/or add Sub-Tenants.

  3. As an admin (root or tenant):

    1. You can only promote standard users to be an administrator or a sub-tenant owner.

    2. You cannot delete any user who is a tenant owner.

    3. You can convert an admin back to being a standard user before you delete this user.

Promote to Co-Admin

The CloudCenter platform permits multiple administrators to perform administrative tasks at any level: the Platform Administrator (Root) level or the Tenant Administrator level.

Once promoted:

  • This user will continue to be listed in the Users page.

  • You can convert this user back to a standard user.

To promote a user to be a co-administrator, follow this procedure.

  1. Access the CCM UI > Admin > Users page.
  2. For the required user, click the Actions dropdown and select Promote to Admin.

  3. Click OK in the popup to confirm your action.

Resource Privileges

A co-admin has the same permissions as an admin and can perform administrative tasks at any level.

For example, out-of-box Services ownership is automatically set to the original tenant owner's User ID. Even if a co-admin creates a new sub-tenant, the service ownership stays with the original tenant owner.

  • If sharing permission is provided to an administrator, then the co-admin will not automatically receive these permissions.

  • If the co-admin should also receive sharing permission, then the resource owner must explicitly share the resource with the co-admin.

Convert to Standard User

Administrators can convert another administrator back to being a Standard User.

Administrators cannot convert tenant owners (see User States and Actions) back to being Standard User.

 To convert an Admin User back to being a Standard User, follow this procedure.

  1. Access the CCM UI and click the Users in the CCM UI main menu to access the Users page.

  2. For the applicable user click the dropdown list and select Convert to Standard User.

  3. Click OK in the popup to confirm your intention.

Promote User to Sub-Tenant Owner

Only Standard Users can be promoted as tenant administrators

When you promote a Standard User to be a tenant (or sub-tenant) owner:

  • This user will no longer be listed in the Users page

  • This promoted tenant owner is now listed in the Tenant Information page.

As an admin for this tenant, you now have your own Admin link to access your tenant. You will see the tenant owner email listed in this tenant's Users page. Verify and configure the required clouds, users, groups, and roles for this account. This isolation in configuring each tenant is the key to making each tenant independent

Log in as a System Admin

To log in as a System Admin (SysAdmin), follow this process:

  1. Open a browser and connect to the CCM VM using the CCM VM's IP address (for example, https://CCM_IP_Address).

  2. Login as the CloudCenter SysAdmin using valid credentials. Contact the CloudCenter Support team to obtain the SysAdmin credentials.

  3. Change the password for the SysAdmin account as specified in the next section.

Change Admin Password

  1. Login to the CCM UI using your current password. 

  2. Click the (or similar) link at the top right corner of the CCM UI, then click Account. The My Account page displays. The following screenshot illustrates clicking Account.

  3. Click Change Password in the Account Info section, as shown in the following screnshot.

  4. Enter your current (or assigned) password in the Current Password field, as shown in the following screnshot.

  5. Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
  6. Click Save.

Deleting Admins

You cannot delete any user who is a tenant owner. See Delete Users for additional details on deleting users.

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