Supported Application Profiles

CloudCenter supports multiple application profile templates that provide the basic blueprint to collect the information required to onboard your application:

Modeling Profiles

Cisco provides these ready-to-use, core templates for the following categories:

  • N-Tier Web Profiles (can contain multiple tiers − each tier may be provisioned on a different server or cluster of servers): Each tier can interact with or depend on the output from another tier at any given time.
    • Java Web profiles 
    • PHP Web App profiles
    • Windows.Net Web App profiles
    • Ruby on Rails Web App profiles
  • Custom Profiles
    • Multi-Step Execute profiles
    • N-Tier Execution profiles
  • Core Profiles:
    • Batch (non-real-time, single-server applications): multiple independent application jobs are placed in queue and serviced by an elastic cluster.
    • Cluster: Applications that require a cluster setup with shared file storage to complete the deployment.
    • Parallel (single-server applications): Multiple independent applications that are launched in parallel on independent servers.
    • Thick-Client Interactive applications (desktop applications that have a GUI interface): The application can be launched on a cloud and the application GUI can be accessed from the browser running on any device, such as a tablet computer.
  • Pre-Packaged Profiles:
    • Hadoop Jar Runner profiles
    • Other n-tier profiles
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