CURL and WGET Utilities


Due to security hardening requirements, Cisco no longer installs the CURL and WGET utilities in application VMs during the bootstrapping process. Depending on your environment requirements and the OS in question, you may decide to install one or more of these utilities.


The CURL and WGET utilities will continue to be installed if you use CloudCenter Out-Of-Box (OOB) Services in your deployment.

As these utilities are installed later in the CloudCenter workflow, some users may assume that these utilities continue to be installed automatically. They are only installed for some OOB services to download files from the server.

Additionally, the CURL and WGET utilities are not automatically installed in all OOB services. The utilities installed differ based on the OOB service being used – some OOB services install only the CURL utility, some OOB services install only the CURL utility, some services install both the CURL and WGET utilities (like HAProxy, Apache, and Tomcat), while some services don't install either of these utilities.

The OOB services included with the CloudCenter platform are merely examples that serve as a point of reference. If you plan to use these in your environment, be sure to review them and ensure that they meet your operational and security standards.

Alternate Process

If scripts in your application VMs require the CURL/WGET utilities, you can manually install these utilities by following the instructions specified in your OS documentation.

If any of your custom scripts (that are executed on deployed instances) make use of the CURL/WGET utilities, then be sure to install these utilities before executing your script in any of the CloudCenter lifecycle actions.

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