Cloud Configuration


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Add Cloud(s) for Tenants

The parent administrator can enable any parent cloud for its tenants. Tenants can only use clouds added for them by their parent or create private clouds (tenant-specific CCO).

To add cloud(s) for tenants, follow this procedure:

  1. Login as the administrator for the parent tenant and access the Sub-Tenants tab to view the list of sub-tenants. The following screenshot shows the Sub-Tenants tab.
  2. Click the Actions dropdown and select Add Clouds. The Add Clouds for User page displays.
  3. Select the check box(es) for the required clouds and click Save. This tenant administrator now has permission to Clouds for this tenant.

Role-Based Permissions

See the following sections for additional details:

Share Cloud Accounts

To share a cloud account with users, groups or tenants, follow this procedure.

  1. Access the CCM UI and click Admin > Clouds. The Clouds page displays.

  2. Select the cloud containing the account you want to  share, then click Configure Cloud. The Clouds details page for that cloud displays. 

  3. In the Accounts tab, locate the cloud account you want to share. 

  4. In the Actions column for that cloud account, click the dropdown icon to expand the dropdown menu and click Share to open the Share dialog box as displayed in the following screenshot.

Region-Level Cloud Settings

See Region-Level Cloud Settings for additional details.

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