Configure the Admin Account


Configure the Admin Account

After configuring the CCM VM, you must setup the account for the CloudCenter platform administrator (admin) for the root tenant.

  1. Open a browser and connect to the CCM VM using the CCM VM's IP address (for example, https://<CCM_IP>).

  2. Login as the using the default admin credentials.
    Password: cliqr

    Out of the box, no Tenant ID is provided for the root tenant – However, the Tenant ID field is mandatory!

    The CloudCenter platform allows an exception only for the root tenant, where it can be blank even during updates. All other sub-tenants require a Tenant ID in all cases.

  3. Change the default credentials.

    Be sure to change the email address and password for the admin account immediately after your first login.

Create the Usage Plan

Select a usage plan for your CloudCenter instance – the plan you select limits your CloudCenter usage across all tenants and users. See Usage Plans and Fees for additional information.

  1. In the CCM UI's main menu, click the Admin > Usage Plans. The following screenshot illustrates the Usage Plans page.

  2. Click Create Usage Plan and complete the options that are displayed in the following screenshot.

    1. Provide a Plan Name.

    2. Select a plan in the Plan Type field based on your usage requirement. For example, a VM Subscription plan allows you to run the specified VMs per month.

    3. Select the checkbox to make the plan Only Visible to Tenant Admin.

      This setting is only for the root platform admin. This admin can in turn set up user-specific plans at a later point

    4. Optional – The Plan Fees section is optional at this point. To set limits and assign overage fees, configure the information at a later time. See Usage Plans and Fees for additional information.

    5. Click Save. The Usage Plans page displays the successful addition of this new plan.

Change the Default Password

To change the default credentials, follow this procedure:

  1. Click the admin email address at the top right corner of the CCM UI and select Account to access the Account Information page for this account. The following screenshot illustrates how to access the Account information page.


    The current plan displays Trial Subscription because you have not configured a plan yet. The following screenshot illustrates the Account Information page.

  2. Click Edit Account to edit change your account name, email address, company name, or phone number and click Save. The following screenshot illustrates the Edit Account options.

  3. Click Change Password to change your password. Save your new password. The following screenshot illustrates the Change Password options.

  4. Sign out of the CCM UI (top right corner dropdown) and log in using your new credentials. You new email address is displayed in the top right corner of the CCM UI.

Create a Contract

Select a contract for your CloudCenter instance – the plan you select limits your CloudCenter usage to the specified period of time.

To create a contract for an admin, follow this procedure.

  1. In the CCM UI's main menu, click the Admin > Usage Plans > Create Contract to open the create a new contract.

    The current CloudCenter license agreement is trust based.

  2. Enter the information applicable to your contract and click Submit.

    Select the check box to make the plan Only Visible to Admin (setting is just for the root platform admin).

Assign the Contract and Plan to the Admin

You must assign the Contract and the Plan to the Platform admin.

  1. Click Admin > Users in the CCM UI main menu to access the User Management page displayed in the following screenshot.

  2. Search for your email and select Manage Plans from the Actions dropdown list.

  3. Search for the plan and the contract that you created and assign them to this platform admin. The following screenshot illustrates selecting a plan.


    The following screenshot illustrates selecting a contract.

  4. Click Save.

    To continue to use the CloudCenter platform effectively, be sure to agree to the contractual terms at this point.

You can Configure Cloud(s) for each CCO in your CloudCenter deployment.

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