Golang and Java Version Compatibility

This section provides details on the Golang-based Management agent.

You can also use the Java agent as a substitute in CloudCenter 4.10.0.

If you are looking for details on the lightweight agent, see the Virtual Machines Management section.


The CCO receives monitoring information from the management agent and in turn provides instructions to the agent for the following tasks:

  • Complete application deployment tasks

  • Perform provisioning tasks (for example running configuration scripts)

  • Run custom cleanup scripts (for example to de-provision or shutdown applications)

  • Enforce policies (for example, to reconfigure middle ware service during auto-scaling)

  • Collect system metrics based on policy requirements

  • Monitor data, provide status updates, and keep alive system heartbeats.

Version Compatibility

The agent to be installed is dictated by the settings on the CCO server in your environment. Effective CloudCenter 4.10.0, uses Golang (Go language) in the Management Agent by default. 

You can change the agent type using one of the manual procedures provided after this section.

This section lists the Go and Java version details for corresponding CloudCenter releases.

CloudCenter VersionGo VersionJava Version
CloudCenter 4.10Go 1.10

JVM 1.8 Update 172 (core_upgrade.bin)

JRE 1.8 Update 172 (worker_installer.bin)

The Worker Installer

You do not have to explicitly install the Agent – the Agent is an executable binary.

When do you run the worker installer?

  • If you need to create custom images, you must run the worker installer.

  • If you are using dynamic bootstrapping, you do not need to run any installer.

See Worker (Conditional) > FAQs (Question 3) for additional details. 

The Java agent, available in CloudCenter 4.9.x and earlier releases, is no longer used in CloudCenter 4.10.0 and later releases.

For custom images that are created by running the installer on a Base OS image by either using dynamic or non-dynamic bootstrapping, CloudCenter 4.10.0 does NOT install a Java-based agent.

For application VMs that use dynamic bootstrapping, CloudCenter 4.10.0 supports both the new Go agent as well as the old Java agent. 

Java Agent-Based Deployments

For application VMs that are based on custom images (non-dynamic bootstrapping) the CloudCenter platform only supports the CloudCenter 4.10.0 worker installer that contains the older Java versions.

As Java agents are not used in CloudCenter and later, Cisco does not include the Java agent with the CloudCenter installers.

If you prefer to use a Java agent in CloudCenter release, you can optionally point to the Java agent included in the 4.10.0 Bundle Store. Contact the CloudCenter Support team for instructions.

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