Graceful PostgreSQL Reboot

Shutdown Sequence

In a non-HA deployment, administrators can initiate the shutdown sequence from the OS system as no additional steps are required to initiate the reboot sequence.

In a HA deployment, be sure to first shutdown the PostgreSQL slave before shutting down the PostgreSQL master.

Reboot Sequence

If you shutdown any PostgreSQL instance, be aware that the PostgreSQL service does not restart automatically. The administrator must explicitly initiate the restart process.

Pacemaker starts with each reboot and you do not have to manually start the HA cluster. Instead, verify that you have configured the following requirements accurately:

  • If you changed the firewall rules at any point, ensure that the firewall rules are correctly configured. The firewall rules for this utility are explained in CCM and Database Firewall Rules.

  • Go to each PostgreSQL server and enter the following command to review the status of the database and the HA connectivity:

    pcs status
    • Ensure that the PCSD Status for both database servers are Online.

    • Ensure that the Daemon Status for applications are active/disabled:

      • Corosync

      • Pacemaker

      • PCSD

  • Verify that your PostgreSQL instance is communicating with the CCM.

  • If you see an errors after the reboot sequence, be sure to review the troubleshooting information provided in the PostgreSQL Troubleshooting section.

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