Grant Image Launch Permissions


This feature is only available for AWS deployments.

The option to Grant Image Launch Permissions is not required as the images are mapped to public images that are Dynamically Bootstrapped. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you must perform a Sync Image Mapping on the region page to retrieve the new mappings.

You can grant image launch permissions to launch VMs using supported Operating Systems to AWS cloud accounts that do not have the privilege to launch VMs using these images.

To create a EC2 instance in AWS, you must select an AMI. You can only select an AMI if you have launch permission for that AMI, and if the permission is set at the AMI level.

Most AMIs found in the AWS marketplace are available (public) anyone with an AWS account can create a EC2 instance from that AMI.

However the CloudCenter-provided worker images are not public - you must explicitly request launch permission for those AMIs in your AWS account. The Grant Image Launch Permissions setting allows you to request this permission.

In AWS, each region has a unique AMI ID for the same image – If you configure one region first (for example, US-East-1), and later want to add a second region (for example, US-West-2), you must use the Grant Image Launch Permission setting to obtain launch permissions for the AMIs in US-West-2.

When requesting image launch permissions, you are doing so at the cloud account level. When you add a cloud account and then add a region for that cloud account, the images within that account do not have launch permissions for an image. If you subsequently add a second cloud account, the image inherits the permissions from the first cloud account – If you would like to request Image Launch permissions for all images, then be sure to request permission as soon as you add the first cloud account.

When you add a new region, you must go to your existing cloud accounts and then request permissions to the required system images.

Grant Image Launch Permissions

When you Grant Image Launch Permissions, the grant takes effect immediately.

To grant image launch permissions, follow this procedure:

  1. Click Admin > Clouds.

  2. Locate the required cloud and click Cloud Configuration.

  3. Click Cloud Accounts.

  4. Click the dropdown arrow for the required account and select Grant Image Launch Permissions.

  5. Click OK in the Image Launch Permissions popup to confirm this action.

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