Grant and Revoke Image Permission


This feature is only available for OpenStack deployments.

You can grant image permissions to permitted users on an as needed basis and revoke this access immediately after the permitted user has launched the image. Dynamic image permissions enable launch VMs from private images. Accounts that do not have the privilege to launch VMs from certain images are granted temporary access just for the duration of the launch. Once the launch is completed, the permissions are revoked.

This feature requires knowledge of who owns the image – you must use the owner's account to grant permission.

Some accounts may have permission to launch image instances, while other accounts may only need temporary permission to launch these same image instances. In this case, the Grant Image Permissions feature proves useful to provide temporary access.

Grant and Revoke Image Permissions

To grant and revoke image permissions, follow this procedure:

  1. Click Admin > Images.

  2. Locate the required image.

  3. Click Manage Cloud Mapping for the required image. The Cloud Mappings for this image displays for each cloud region.

  4. Click Add Mapping or Edit Mapping for the corresponding cloud region. The Add or Edit Cloud Mapping popup displays. The following screenshot shows the Edit Cloud Mapping popup.

  5. Check the Grant And Revoke Image Permission check box.

    You can only Grant And Revoke Image Permission for OpenStack clouds.

  6. Select the required account from the Image Owner Cloud Account dropdown. The permitted list of accounts are automatically displayed in this dropdown.

  7. Click Save.

The image instance is launched from this owner's account. Once launched, the permissions are revoked and the account reverts to the same pre-launch state. See Permission Control for additional details on permissions.

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