Multi-Tenancy Models




An autonomous unit that has its own user management capabilities—a segregated account that cannot control its child or be controlled by a parent tenant


CloudCenter has a multi-tenant architecture where each tenant admin can in turn add any number of sub-tenants and users


A company or an organization


A section, group, or division within a company or organization


A CloudCenter resource refers to a user, tenant, group, role, contract, bundle, plan, activation profile, cloud account, cloud family, cloud region, cloud network, cloud instance, cloud image, application, application profile, security profile, deployment, job, project, phase, deployment environment, policy, repository, system tag, report, and so forth.


CloudCenter is a multi-tenant, multi-user system.

Upon first use, a single default tenant (tenantId=1) is created in the system and identified as the root tenant with the email address of

Within this context, the root tenant owner can:

  • Create other users

  • Promote created users to a sub-tenant level under root

There are no restrictions on the number of levels in the tenant hierarchy.

See the following pages for additional information:

Single Tenant Model

Peer Multi-Tenant Model

Hierarchical Multi-Tenant Model

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