Standard Users

Who Is a Standard User?

  1. Create a New User (this page)
  2. Activate User (this page)
  3. Enable User

Once enabled, this user is qualified to be configured for others tasks identified in the User States and Actions page.

Create a New User

To create a new user, follow this procedure.

  1. Access the CCM UI and click the Users in the CCM UI main menu to access the User Management page.
  2. Click the Add User link to add a new user.
  3. In the Add a New User page, enter the required information for this user.
  4. At this point you have two options:
    1. Click Save to simply create this user. The newly added user is listed (based on email) in the User Management page as a New user:
      1. If this user is already logged into CloudCenter using another account, this user is logged out instantly.
      2. The new user receives a welcome email from the CloudCenter platform.
    2. Click the check box to Activate User so you can create and activate this user at the same time. The admin must activate new users before assigning them to any roles or groups.  

Activate User

You cannot activate a user if you have not Registered the CCO (at least one CCO).

Activation allows newly-added users to begin using the CloudCenter platform.

To activate a new user, follow this procedure:

  1. Use your admin credentials to login to the CCM UI.
  2. In the Admin Console, click the Users tab to access the User Management page.
  3. For the newly-added user, select Activate User from the Actions List dropdown. The Activate User page displays for this user. You have two options at this point:
    1. Create the user now and activate the user later (skip to Step 5)
    2. Create and activate the user now (proceed to the next step)
  4. In the Activate User section (or popup), assign at least one cloud. You have two options at this point:
    1. Select an Activation Profile to activate the user (the user is configured using the selected Activation Profile for this tenant).
    2. Create and activate the user now: Provide the Bundle, Usage Plan, or Contract details for this user.
  5. Click Save. The Activation Summary popup displays the summary of steps for each task. When all tasks are completed, this popup displays the Success status (or failure, depending on the error).
  6. Click OK in the Activation Summary popup. The status for the newly activated user now displays the configurable tasks for this user in the Actions column of the Users page. See User States and Actions for additional details.
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