Worker Agent

Node Not Reachable


While the Deployment succeeded, after sometime the Agent was not in the Running state and the deployment shows the VM in red (Unreachable).

Applies to

All Clouds and Apps


  1. Verify the following files for additional details:
    • $AGENT_HOME/log/agent.log
    • $AGENT_HOME/log/nohup.err (Linux)
  2. Reboot the VM or manually start the Agent.

Agent and RabbitMQ communication issue


A deployment failed due to Bootstrap Timeout.

Applies to

All clouds and applications.


This issue is caused by a communication issue between the agent and RabbitMQ.

  1. Check if the broker host IP and broker host port were correctly specified in

  2. Check RabbitMQ process is running on your RabbitMQ server.

  3. Check if the broker host port is open on your RabbitMQ server.

  4. Check that no firewall is running on the RabbitMQ server that is
    blocking connections on broker port.

  5. Check if the RabbitMQ server is accessible from the an exisiting node using broker IP and port. You can check using any tool like  nmap.

  6. Open the RabbitMQ console. By default, the URL will use the following format:

    http://<RabbitMQ server IP>:15672
  7. Verify from the agent logs if a Node Bootstrap message was sent

  8. Verify from the CCO logs if a Node Bootstrap message was received

  9. Verify from CCM log if the messages were received from CCO

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