CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Application-Related Terms

ApplicationAn installed/deployed application – either before modeling or after deployment.
Application profileA cloud-agnostic, ready to deploy JSON and XML description used to deploy an application while retaining its cross-environment portability.
Application profile template
An out-of-box topology that determines orchestration tasks appropriate for different application types (for example, tiered web applications, job-based, and so forth) or application technologies (for example, Java, Hadoop, and so forth). 

Application stack

Collective reference to the application, application servers, middleware, database, containers, PaaS services, and data. A DevOps application stack also includes build and environment.

CloudCenter can deploy and manage new or existing, simple or complex application stacks on any supported datacenter, private cloud or public cloud environment, while ensuring portability. 

Application Marketplace

The location referenced in the CCM UI that provides access to numerous predefined applications provided by Cisco and where enterprises can additionally provide custom applications for their own customers. See Enterprise Marketplace for additional context.
(application artifacts)
Packages, images, binaries, file, scripts, and application data that is included in physical images that are stored in one or more Artifact Repositories.
BenchmarkActively deploy an application profile across multiple cloud providers or cloud regions from a single cloud provider and produce a report that helps customers optimize cost and performance. See Benchmark Applications for additional context.
Govern and administerAlso referred to as administer and govern. Features used by administrators to get visibility and control across applications, clouds, and users. See Govern and Administer for additional context.

Process and features used to build and manage cloud-agnostic application profiles and related artifact repositories. See Model for additional context.


Process and features used to select the deployment environment and deploy an application profile that results in a natively-installed application deployment while maintaining cross-cloud portability. See Deploy for additional context.

ManageProcess and features used to centrally manage, monitor, and report on deployments and apply automated runtime policies. See Manage for additional context.
Profile managementActions that a user can take to manage application profiles, including benchmark, deploy, export, share, publish to marketplace, edit, and delete. See Application Profile for additional context.
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