CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Supported Application Profiles

CloudCenter supports multiple application profile templates that provide the basic blueprint to collect the information required to onboard your application:

Modeling Profiles

Cisco provides these ready-to-use, core templates for the following categories:

  • N-Tier Web Profiles (can contain multiple tiers − each tier may be provisioned on a different server or cluster of servers): Each tier can interact with or depend on the output from another tier at any given time.
    • Java Web profiles 
    • PHP Web App profiles
    • Windows.Net Web App profiles
    • Ruby on Rails Web App profiles
  • Custom Profiles
    • Multi-Step Execute profiles
    • N-Tier Execution profiles
  • Core Profiles:
    • Batch (non-real-time, single-server applications): multiple independent application jobs are placed in queue and serviced by an elastic cluster.
    • Cluster: Applications that require a cluster setup with shared file storage to complete the deployment.
    • Parallel (single-server applications): Multiple independent applications that are launched in parallel on independent servers.
    • Thick-Client Interactive applications (desktop applications that have a GUI interface): The application can be launched on a cloud and the application GUI can be accessed from the browser running on any device, such as a tablet computer.
  • Pre-Packaged Profiles:
    • Hadoop Jar Runner profiles
    • Other n-tier profiles
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