CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Application Management Workflow


CloudCenter makes it easy for you to handle different release environment deployment stages such as development, testing, staging and production. Accordingly, you can perform multiple release management tasks.

Deploy Applications

Users can deploy applications to different deployment environments:

  • Users can be permitted to deploy applications to multiple deployment environments with or without approval, depending on your enterprise requirements.

  • See the following sections for additional information:

Verify User Access

Admins can verify user access for each deployment environment:

  • If users within your tenant run permitted applications, these users can see the job displayed in their View Runs and View Deployments tab.
  • If you (tenant admin) have Access permission to deployments in this environment, the running job will not show up in your View Runs page, as you did not run the application. However, you can view it in your View Deployments page. The corresponding Actions List dropdown will not allow you to perform any action on this run as you only have Access permissions.

See Permission Control for more details.

Promote Existing Deployments to Another Group

When you create a deployment environment, you have the option to check the Deploy to this environment requires approval check box if you want tenant users or user groups to request approval before deploying the environment. The following screenshot shows the New Deployment Environment page.

If an environment requires approval, users and groups with this right can approve or deny deployments. If a job is submitted but pending approval, it displays Pending in the Job Status column for this deployment. The approving user or admin can Approve or Reject the deployment by clicking the corresponding action in the Action List. Either way, a confirmation popup confirms the action. The Job Status changes from Pending to Submitted.

Only the creator of the deployment needs to be granted access directly to the cloud or clouds associated with the deployment environment. This allows you to restrict other users to only deploy to approve deployment groups.

See Deployment Environment and Permission Control for additional context.

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