CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

CloudCenter Cost and Fees


This section provides details on the costs and fees references within the CloudCenter platform.

What are the CloudCenter Costs?

When you use the CloudCenter platform, you may be charged for the structural costs and fees that the following table describes.

CostDescriptionConfiguring this Cost
Cloud CostCloud cost refers to the cloud infrastructure costs charged by the cloud providers (Public Clouds or Datacenters and Private Clouds). This cost can be broken down per deployment, per run, per user, per VM, per instance type, and so forth.See Cloud Costs.
Management CostManagement cost refers to the cost associated with the plan, bundle, or contract used for each CloudCenter user. The Financial Overview section provides the breakdown of each plan or bundle and the cost associated with related management charges.See Configure Plan Configuration or  Bundle Configuration.
Image Cost

CloudCenter billing defaults to the base cost of the image.

If you launch an application using a custom image, the CloudCenter platform does not override the cost for this image. Enterprise administrators must explicitly override the instance price in the image cost so they account for accurate billing requirements.

Custom Service Definition

Service Fee

When you use one of the supported Services, you can add a cost for the service and provide the capability to charge separately for this service. This allows admins the flexibility to charge individual users or sub-tenants for any service that is built and added to the Marketplace or the  Topology Modeler Services tab.

The VM-Hours column in the Application Deployments Report includes the usage hours for the External Service.

Custom Service Definition
Application FeeWhen users Application TasksPublish to the Marketplace, they can choose to charge a fee for this application. When other users import published applications from the Marketplace, they are charged an application fee as determined by the application owner.  See Marketplace Application Fee.
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