CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

CloudCenter External URL


The CloudCenter External URL (also referred to as outfaceDnsName or outface DNS) refers to the DNS name or IP address of the external point to which a CloudCenter user connects. If users access CloudCenter:

  • Using a load balancer: Enter the load balancer's ingress DNS address.
  • Directly (if you do not use a HA setup): Use the machine DNS and the system always uses the CloudCenter External URL to reference how a user should access the system.


  1. The CloudCenter External URL displays in emails regardless of the CCM being in HA mode.
  2. Even if your setup does not include the HA mode, you must fill it in.

The CCM URL in the setup wizard is the other setting that refers to the CloudCenter service:

  • In a HA setup, use the load balancer address as the CloudCenter External URL.
  • In a non-HA setup, use the CCM (server's) URL where the CloudCenter service is hosted.
  • See Virtual Appliance Overview (Modes and Roles) for additional details on CCM installation options.


This value is often used for features like email notifications where the CCM URL is sent in mail content and for SSO deployments which redirect storage access to the CCM. In some cases, customers may use two NICs in the CCM. For example, if one NIC is connected to a public network and used for frontend traffic and a second NIC is (for example) on a private network and contains all the CCM - CCO traffic.

The most common usage of a CloudCenter External URL name is for a CCM HA setup. In this use case, be aware of the delineation between the CloudCenter External URL and the Public DNS names.

  • CloudCenter External URL: The outfaceDnsName is used to specify the DNS or IP address to reach the CCM frontend (UI and API), that is, the DNS name outfacing to the internet. By Default, the outfaceDnsName is set to use the value of the publicDnsName. For example, if you use two load balancers (as displayed in the image below), the outfaceDnsName would be the address of the blue load balancer to the left of the CCM.

  • Public DNS: The publicDnsName is the DNS or IP address that the CCM gives to the CCOs when it register with a CCM and is the address used for communication between the CCMs and CCOs.

Load Balancing and Port Usage

The CloudCenter External URL name becomes important in HA setups as the frontend CCM traffic to the UI and API over Port 441 might be load balanced by an external internet facing load balancer and the backend traffic to the CCM over Port 8443 from the CCOs use an internal load balancer.

The publicDnsName entry should use the public domain name. On the CCO side, /etc/hosts should have an entry pointer to the internal IP.

In the HA diagram below,

  • The outfaceDnsName = the address of the blue load balancer to the left of the CCMs.

  • The publicDnsName = the orange load balancer to the right of the CCMs.

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