CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Deployment-Related Terms


A job is a single action that contains many properties (for example, ownership, cloud cost, deployment information, and so forth). A job can contain other child jobs or is the child of a parent job. See jobs(v2) for a list.


Refers to the application deployment. A deployment contains a set of jobs (for example, creating a VM). Deployments do not have the concept of child or parent, but merely bundles jobs together so it can share properties between the jobs (for example, sharing properties between VMs in an application deployment).

Deployed applicationAn application running in a deployment environment.
Deployment environmentProvides shared access to multiple users on clouds or cloud zones for a specific use (for example, development):
  • Users can create and manage deployment environments that comprise of a combination of clouds and cloud accounts based on each organization's application lifecycle management stages
  • When users with access permissions deploy an application to a deployment environment, these users can view and/or manage deployments based on their Permission level
  • See Environments for additional information.
Deployment lifecycle actions

User-initiated actions that can be applied to a deployment, such as stop, pause, and so forth


Deployment managementActions that a user can take to manage deployments, including start, stop, remove, rerun, promote, and suspend deployments
RuleA governance method to exert more control using centralized administration control
PolicyA direction provided to the CloudCenter platform to perform scaling or aging actions when user-specified events or conditions occur in a given deployment
TagA label that consists of a name and an optional description and associates resources in the CloudCenter platform
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