CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Finance-Related Terms

Application FeeThe fee charged when users import an application that has an associated cost (one-time fee, monthly fee, or a run-time fee). See Application Fee for additional context.
Base priceThe fee associated with the annual subscription plan.
BundleA plan type that gives the user a fixed dollar amount of usage or a fixed VM-hour limit.
Concurrent VMsThe number of simultaneously running VMs permitted to each user under a monthly usage plan
ContractAn agreement between the following units to dictate the length of the agreement with Cisco:
  • Between an organization and the root admin
  • Between the root admin and a tenant
  • Between a tenant admin and a user
  • Between a tenant admin and a sub-tenant admin
  • Between a sub-tenant admin and a user
Discount rateContracts sometimes have a discount rate that provides users an incentive to sign a longer contract. Typically, a longer contract length has a deeper discount rate. This discount is applied to a plan's base one-time fee, annual fee, bundle price, and monthly subscription fee (Cisco does not discount overage and storage fees).
Plan fee
  • Overage fee: Implemented on an hourly basis when a user runs out of the plan allowance (monthly subscription or bundle credit).
  • One-time fee: Implemented when the admin initially sets up the plan.
  • Annual fee: Implemented if the user prefers an annual charge for a prepaid plan on a specific day each year. This fee does not apply to subscription plans, as that plan is only available on a monthly basis.
Minimum chargeThe minimum number of minutes deducted from a plan when a user runs an application.
Monthly VM hoursThe number of VM hours credited to the user each month.
Maximum Running VMsThe number of VMs permitted to the user each month.
One-time FeeThe fee is charged each time the user changes from one plan to another.
Overage limit
  • The fee charged if users exceed the limit stipulated in the subscription.

  • Admins can decide if they want to charge a fee when users exceed the limit:

    • Limited: Stops deployment after reaching limit (specified fee is charged)
    • Unlimited (default): Continues deployment after overage rate kicks in (no additional charge
Overage rateThe cost per hour if a user exceeds the Overage Limit.
PlanAn agreement created by the CloudCenter admin and assigned to a user to specify the capacity or allowed usage for that user
Run time

Run time refers to the number of hours:

  • VM: The number of hours that the VM has been running as part of a deployment
  • External Service: The number of hours for which the service has been active as part of a deployment
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