CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

Model a New Application


An installed/deployed application – either before modeling or after deployment is referred to as an application in the CloudCenter platform.


Before modeling applications, verify the following prerequisites (may vary depending on your deployment scenario).

  1. Determine the application dependencies

    1. Discover the application using the Application Discovery checklist.

    2. Identify the Topology Modeler for your application (packages, data, images, and services), and required configuration scripts and files before onboarding or migrating any application.

    3. Modify the configuration file or property file for your application to include CloudCenter's application-specific Parameters and Macros at the time of deployment.

  2. Backup Data, if migrating an application with data:

    1. Backup the data according to your company policy and process.

    2. Make the backed up data available in the Artifact Repository.

  3. Upload Images. When the detailed configuration of an application is not available or deep discovery cannot be performed, reference your Custom VM Images  in Application Profiles.

Model the Application

To model an application, follow this process:

  1. Upload the application data (packages, configuration files, backup data, SQL script, and other scripts) to the Artifact Repository.

  2. Define the application using the Topology Modeler.

  3. Identify the Parameters and Macros required by the application. See the following pages for additional context:

  4. Save the application.

Troubleshooting Parameters

See Troubleshooting Parameters.

Deploy the Application

See Deploy an Application.

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