CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

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Platform Administrator (Root)

Represents the enterprise or organization that hosts CloudCenter and has special administrative permissions and access to all CloudCenter functions, and is responsible for setting up clouds, initial cloud accounts, creating users, and adding tenants.

Platform administrators can:

  • Configure and register clouds and cloud accounts in CloudCenter
  • Create tenants and sub-tenants  
  • Promote to Sub-Tenant Owner or a Co-Administrator
  • Manage user, cloud, and tenant permissions

Tenant Administrator

CloudCenter's multi-tenancy model refers to tenant-level isolation of functions that are accessible to a specific set of Users and Groups .

A separate administrator, called the tenant administrator, governs each tenant. At the tenant level, the tenant administrator can create tenant users and user groups. Tenants get complete independence in managing users and user groups within the tenant. An example of organizations with tenants is a business unit that requires isolation from its parent to customize workflows, clouds, UIs, applications, governance models, and so forth.

If permitted by the platform admin, tenant administrators can perform the following tasks:

  • Install CCOs for private clouds
  • Create sub-tenants
  • Enable a subset of Public Clouds regions for a tenant user or sub‐tenant
  • Setup Cloud Accounts and cloud authentication credentials to provision resources on enabled clouds
  • Configure enabled accounts to be shared with tenant users or and sub‐tenants
  • Manage tenant-level application profiles   
  • Promote to Sub-Tenant Owner or a Co-Administrator


People who use the CloudCenter platform to create application profiles, deploy applications, or manage applications using the UI, API, or CLI. Users are also referred to as standard users (see Standard Users).

Resource Owner
End UsersPeople who use the application after it is onboarded and deployed.

System Administrator

The CloudCenter platform's infrastructure system administrator (SysAdmin) is responsible for installing and managing the CloudCenter platform. This user is independent of other CloudCenter users and accounts.

CloudCenter SysAdmins has separate credentials (Log in as a System Admin) and performs the following tasks:

  • Configure a tenant to use SSO

To obtain the initial credentials for your CloudCenter SysAdmin account, contact CloudCenter Support.

GroupsEach user can be assigned to none, one, or more than one group. 


A role is a collection of global permissions that specifically relate to CloudCenter functions. Roles control user privileges and permissions to CloudCenter functions (for example, the ability to create Application Profiles, add a cloud account, and so forth).

Roles only apply to users and groups  within one tenant. They do not apply to sub-tenant and sub-tenant users.

PermissionsCloudCenter provides additional granularity in user objects and resource sharing permissions within CloudCenter (for example, the ability to view a specific Deployment Environments, the ability to share a specific Application Profile with other users or user groups, and so forth). See Permission Control.
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