CloudCenter 4.8 has reached End of Life (EOL) as of November 14, 2018. See End of Support Notices for additional context.

User States and Actions

User Administration

The Users page (CCM UI > Admin > Users) lists the available Actions for each user.

CloudCenter Users

You can see three types of users in the Users page:

See the Permission Control page for assigning resource permissions to users.

Possible User States

You an see three possible states for each user in the Users page:

  • New:
    • Must be activated and enabled to be considered Standard Users
    • Tenant owners can never be in this state.
  • Enabled:
    • Depending on the Permission, this user can perform numerous tasks.
    • Enabled users can perform Standard User or Admin User tasks based on the configured user actions
  • Disabled:

Possible User Actions for Each State

A user's current state and profile determine the options listed in the Actions dropdown. The following table describes the user types and actions.


User Type and Actions

User Is
Not Activated

User Is Activated

Standard (User)

Admin (Promoted)

Owner (Tenant)


Activate User

Delete User

Enable User

Delete User

Not applicable


Not Applicable

Possible Actions

Add Cloud

Manage API Key

Reset Password

User Key Operations

Assign Bundles

Import from Marketplace

Additional User Actions

 Promote to Admin

Promote to Sub-Tenant Owner 

Disable User

Assign Bundles 

Assign Usage Plan

Additional Admin Actions

 Convert to Standard User  

Assign Usage Plan

Not applicable


Enable User

Delete User

Not applicable
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