CloudCenter Suite 5.0 Release Notes

Release Date

CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 Release Date: February 16, 2019


  • June 10, 2019: Added a Release Cadence section.


  • CloudCenter Suite 5.0 is a Cisco solution that includes multiple modules. Click the required module to view the documentation and release notes for each module.

  • Install the CloudCenter Suite using a common installer (called the Suite Installer). See Installer Overview for additional details.

  • Once installed, the UI facilitates the installation and version updates of all modules within the CloudCenter Suite.

  • Each module in the CloudCenter Suite can have access to additional gateways or endpoints that allow enterprises to add module-specific components.

Release Cadence

The CloudCenter Suite release model includes major, minor, and maintenance releases.

Each release has the following characteristics:

  •  Major releases are characterized as follows:

    • Significant architectural updates, feature additions, and/or UI changes.

    • A major release version is CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0.

    • When a major release becomes available, all modules also become available with corresponding versions.

  • Minor releases are characterized as follows:

    • Includes multiple feature additions or updates.

    • A minor release version is CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0.

    • When a minor release becomes available, all modules also become available with corresponding versions.

  • Maintenance releases are characterized as follows:

    • Includes fixes for specific issues.

    • A maintenance release version is CloudCenter Suite 5.0.1.

    • Each module can have its own release train and need not all have the same minor release.

    • Each minor release version is tracked with module-level release notes for each module.

    • When you update one module to a particular release, we recommend you update all other modules available for that release (if installed) to the same release.

    • See Module Lifecycle Management for additional details.


CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 is available as installer files for ALL components for all supported clouds. See Installer Overview for additional details.

Upgrade Path

You can only install the CloudCenter Suite as a fresh installation. 

The backup and restore functionality is currently not available in the CloudCenter Suite. Contact the CloudCenter Suite Support team for additional details.


You can launch the CloudCenter Suite using one of the following options:


See Security Considerations for details.


This section identifies the areas which were previously available in CloudCenter 4.10 and which are not supported by the CloudCenter Suite.

  • CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 is only available in the English language.

  • Cloud support is limited to the listed clouds for each module.

  • Batch, Parallel, and Desktop execution options are not available.

  • Capacity manager and Federation Management are not supported.

  • The concept of high availability is available in the backend and not an explicit configuration.

  • The backup and restore functionality is not available

End of Life Notices

See End of Support Notices  for additional details.


The website is the home of the following products:

  • CloudCenter Suite 5.0 and later releases (includes documentation for all modules that are part of the CloudCenter Suite Suite, including the Workload Manager, which is the new name for the legacy CloudCenter platform).

  • The CloudCenter Platform 4.x releases (the legacy versions of the current Workload Manager).

You can access one of the releases listed above from the dropdown list in the left header bar as displayed in the following screenshot. From any page, you can navigate to your release of choice by selecting the release from this dropdown list!

Known Issues

CloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 has no known issues.

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