CloudCenter Suite 5.1 Release Notes

Release Date

CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0 Release Date: August 19, 2019


  • November 5, 2019: Updated the Documentation section to list modified pages.

  • November 9, 2019: Updated the Self-Hosted Release Cadence section below.

SaaS Release Cadence

CloudCenter Suite SaaS is a managed, cloud-based service offered by Cisco. Cisco provides ongoing management, maintenance, and upgrades with end-to-end monitoring and 24/7 customer support. In addition, CloudCenter Suite SaaS offers a large number of pre-built, out-of-the-box integrations and content to ensure that your getting started experience with CloudCenter Suite is seamless. The following aspects of your CloudCenter Suite experience is handled by Cisco:

  • Preparing the infrastructure based on architectural considerations

  • Installing , Managing, and Upgrading CloudCenter Suite

  • Installing, Managing, and Upgrading Modules

  • Setting up the initial administrator

  • Managing the cluster

  • See SaaS Access for additional details

You can purchase CloudCenter Suite SaaS by contacting your Cisco Account Manager or a Cisco sales representative.

Self-Hosted Release Cadence

CloudCenter Suite Self-Hosted allows you to purchase, host, and  install the software from Cisco so you can access and manage the entire solution from a remote server or location that is located on your premises. You can choose to deploy CloudCenter Suite by yourself by installing it on-premises (VMware, OpenStack, and so forth) or by using a cloud provider (AWS, GCP, and so forth) as well as use the CloudCenter Suite out-of-the-box integrations to create a custom solution.

  • Across modules, only releases within the same major/minor versions are supported with each other. For instance, Action Orchestrator 5.1.3 only works with Workload Manager 5.1.2, but Action Orchestrator 5.1.3 with Workload Manager 5.0.1 is not supported.

  • The CloudCenter Suite has a common installer at the major release level to install, upgrade, and integrate all modules included in the suite.

    • The CloudCenter Suite installation corresponds directly to each major release, for instance CloudCenter Suite 5.1.

    • The minor release version is CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0, which is available as installer files for ALL components for all supported clouds.

  • CloudCenter Suite 5.1 includes multiple modules that are available through the Suite Installer and initiated by the Suite Admin.

    • Each module can have access to additional gateways or endpoints that allow enterprises to add module-specific components.

    • Each major release can have multiple minor releases at the module level.

  • The Kubernetes cluster can be upgraded to CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0 from CloudCenter Suite 5.0.x.

  • The backup and restore functionality is available in CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0. 

  • See Installer Overview or Suite Architecture for additional details.

You can purchase CloudCenter Suite Hosted by contacting your Cisco Account Manager or a Cisco sales representative or CloudCenter Suite Support team.

Available Modules

The following modules are part of CloudCenter Suite 5.1:

The release notes for each module is available in the links listed above.


See Security Considerations for details.

End of Life Notices

See End of Support Notices  for additional details.


The website is the home of the following products:

  • CloudCenter Suite 5.1 and later releases (includes documentation for all modules that are part of the CloudCenter Suite Suite, including the Workload Manager, which is the new name for the legacy CloudCenter platform).

  • The CloudCenter Platform 4.x releases (the legacy versions of the current Workload Manager).

  • You can access one of the releases listed above from the dropdown list in the left header bar as displayed in the following screenshot. From any page, you can navigate to a release of choice by selecting the release from this dropdown list.

  • The site-wide search bar in the header is now moved to the reading pane to ensure easy access and visibility.

  • The following documentation change was implemented in CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0:

Known Issues

CloudCenter Suite 5.1.0 has no known issues.

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