Cost Optimizer 5.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date

First Published: February 16, 2019


  • December 11, 2019: Updated the Documentation section to include a list of pages that were modified.


Cost Optimizer is a cloud cost management and optimization solution that helps you to save cost through the following features available in Cost Optimizer 5.0.0:

  • Cost Reports – Analyze the data at a granular level. See Cost Reports.

  • Aggregated inventory management – Collect inventory details for all public and private clouds. See Inventory.

  • Cost-saving recommendations as follows:

    • Rightsizing – Use of optimum resources to reduce cost. See Rightsizing.

    • Reserved Instances – Ability to reduce instance costs over a period, thereby benefitting from the capacity reservation. See Reserved Instances.

Installation and Upgrade

Cost Optimizer cannot be installed separately and must be installed as a part of the CloudCenter Suite. See CloudCenter Suite 5.0 Release Notes for additional details. 

The Optimizer Admin can upgrade Cost Optimizer at the suite level to the latest version of the software. See Update Module for additional context.


The supported cloud families are limited to the following cloud families:

  • AWS

  • AzureRM

  • Google (GCP)

  • vCenter

  • OpenStack

  • Kubernetes

See Configure Clouds for additional context.

Cost Optimizer UI


See Cost Optimizer API for additional details.


Cost Optimizer is integrated with Workload Manager for resizing as a part of Rightsizing recommendation. See Actions Library > Advanced Platform Actions for additional details to resize an instance.


The following documentation changes were implemented in Cost Optimizer 5.0.0:

Known Issues

Cost Optimizer 5.0.0 has the following known issue:

  • Some instance types do not have the numOfNICs field listed in the API that populates instance types for some Azure regions. For these instance types, the CloudCenter Suite UI uses a placeholder value of 0 in this field. When you save the instance type for Azure with a 0 value, the configuration fails as every instance type requires NICs as specified in To workaround this issue, use the payload request body of the Update Cloud Instance Type API call to update the numOfNICs field to the required number of NICs.

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  1. nstallationCloudCenter Suite 5.0.0 is available as installer virtual appliances for ALL components and supported clouds. See Installer Virtual Appliances for additional context. Contact the CloudCenter Suite Support team for additional details.
    Megha: WM uses term "installer files" vs CO calls "installer virtual appliance". Ideally it should be consistent.
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