Cost Optimizer Dashboard


The Cost Optimizer page provides a snapshot of costs incurred by the various clouds installed for an organization.

Who Can Access the Cost Optimizer Dashboard?

The Cost Optimizer Dashboard is visible to all users who can access Cost Optimizer. However, information is displayed according to the access levels and is the home page for this root administrator. For example, the Cost Optimizer Admin (see Access and Roles) can view information across all cost groups, whereas a Cost Group Owner can view data specific to the cost group that the Cost Group Owner owns. 

What's in the Cost Optimizer Dashboard?

The Cost Optimizer dashboard displays information depending on your roles defined for you in the system (See: Access and Roles). The Currency icon in the header displays the recommendations specific to your cost group. A sample screenshot is shown below.

Information on the dashboard can be controlled through the widget next to All Clouds. This widget helps you to display information for all clouds or specific clouds. The information is displayed as a summary of recommendations, costs, and inventory through the following: 

  • Projections dashlet

  • Cost dashlet

  • Inventory dashlet

Projections Dashlet

The Projection dashlet provides information about cost projections for the month. The graph on the right denotes the cost (incurred and project for the current month) over the previous month.

Cost is displayed in currency as defined in Suite Admin (see Currency Conversion).

Cost Dashlet

The Cost dashlet displays cost projections and cost reports through a high-level snapshot of cost for each cloud or all clouds in Cost Optimizer. 

  • By default, the cost is displayed for all clouds.

  • Click the widget next to All Clouds to view information for a specific cloud. 

The cost projections for each cloud is displayed through the following reports: 

  • Cost by Cloud

  • Cost by Department (Cost Group Type)

  • Cost by Organization Hierarchy

  • Cost over Time

  • Cost by Category

Each report provides the ability to view in-depth details for the specific dashlet. Click View Details in each report to open a page that provides information specific to that report.

Inventory Dashlet

This dashlet displays information about cloud inventory, such as CPU, memory, storage, etc. The information in parentheses adjacent to the header in each dashlet indicates the update schedule. See Data Collection

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