Data Collection

Cost Optimizer runs background processes to collect data from a cloud provider for reporting and analysis. The processes are scheduled at specific intervals to connect with a cloud provider to receive the latest information. The following table lists the background processes and corresponding schedules.




Inventory Collector

Inventory details from cloud provider (Virtual Machines, Storage Volumes, Load Balancers, Database, Containers)

Every 15 minutes–starting at 0, 15, 30, and 45 minutes of the hour

Cost Calculator

Resource cost

Every hour

Metrics Collector

Metrics for all resources

Every 30 minutes – at 20 and 50 minutes of the hour

Invoice Aggregation

Billing information from a cloud provider

Daily at 04:00 hours GMT

Rightsize Analyzer

Analyses resources to identify resource wastage

Daily at 01:00 hours GMT

Reservation Analyzer

Analyzes all AWS RI resources

Daily at 02:00 hours GMT

Metadata Sync

Cloud provider metadata information for public clouds (regions, zones, instance types, rate card, and so on)

Daily at 00:00 hours GMT

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