Inventory Overview


The Inventory page lists resources running on all cloud accounts available in Cost Optimizer. A resource is a generic collection which includes instance, storage, load balancer, and database instance details. Inventory is collected for all the combinations of cloud regions and accounts at specified intervals. See Data Collection for details on inventory processes and its intervals.

What's in the Inventory UI?

Click Inventory in the left tree pane to open the Inventory page. The following table explains the icons in the Inventory UI for each of the above categories. See UI Behavior for details on icons in the UI.




Allows you to filter data and view inventory data for one or more of the following:

  • Clouds

  • Cloud Regions

  • Status (of resources)

  • CPUs

  • Memory GB

  • Billing Unit


Sort the items in the page.


Find an instance of an inventory type based on specific keywords.

Inventory Types

The inventory types in Cost Optimizer are as follows:

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